WWE Brings Back Elimination Chamber

WWE announced on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw that Elimination Chamber will be making its return as a PPV event. The event will be held at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi TX on May 31st 2015.

The announcement of this event conflicted with a live WWE event in Greenville, SC. The WWE announced that this event will be rescheduled as a Raw television taping for November 16th. WWE is also offering refunds to those fans that already bought tickets to the May 31 live event in Greenville.

Thus far, the WWE has announced two Elimination Chamber matches for the PPV: One for the vacant Intercontinental Championship and the other for The Tag Team Championship. This will be the first time either championship will be decided in an Elimination Chamber match. It will be especially interesting to see how tag team rules will be applied to such a match.

My reaction: Does anybody else feel like WWE is bombarding us with too much content? It feels like Extreme Rules was just yesterday and since then we’ve had a King of the Ring special, Payback is this Sunday, and then right after that we’re getting Elimination Chamber. All of this is going on while putting on 3 hour episodes of Raw every week, and 2 hour Smackdowns (for those of you that watch Smackdown). That is an overwhelming amount of content in such a short amount of time.

This was clearly a last minute decision to put on this event. I don’t have a problem with the event happening, but one would think that they would have given themselves a little bit more time to build it up and put all the right pieces in place to make sure the show works. It also makes me wonder what other PPV events they are going to resurrect and cram onto their schedule. How about Taboo Tuesday or Bragging Rights? Or better yet, why not go all the way back and dig up The Wrestling Classic, the very first non-Wrestlemania WWF PPV event!

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