Will Lucha Underground Have A Season 2?

Will Lucha Underground have a second season? At the moment, the answer to that question is unclear. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, season 2 has not yet been confirmed. Reportedly, the talents remain in the dark about the future of the show, and no official announcement has been made. This is troubling to read since season 1 is almost done airing and one would think preparations for season 2 would already be under way.

I make it no secret that Lucha Underground is one of my favorite wrestling shows to watch. Its original presentation and style make it stand out among other wrestling brands. To lose it would be a shame. Hopefully we will hear some news about it soon.

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One Response to Will Lucha Underground Have A Season 2?

  1. Erik Clancy says:

    Lucha Underground is the best wrestling show on television. I can’t stress enough how much EVERYONE needs to watch it.

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