Why Does TNA Even Bother Doing PPVs Anymore?


Forget the fact that the buyrates for TNA’s PPV events are probably low enough to count by a show of hands in a bar. Based on the storyline direction of the current product and the card they have lined up for tonight’s event, I don’t see any reason why any fan should spend their money on the PPV.

The big feuds right now in TNA are ECIII chasing Kurt Angle for the TNA World Title, the best of five series for the TNA Tag Titles between The Wolves and The Dirty Heels, and the feud between James Storm and Magnus. Underneath that, we have the situation with The Beat Down Clan and The Rising, the situation with the vacated X Division Title, The Dollhouse ruling the KO Division, and Velvet Sky returning to get revenge on Angelina Love.

How many of those stories do you think are coming to a head at tonight’s event? According to my count, only one of those stories will have any impact on tonight’s event. The new X Champion was crowned on this week’s Impact. Velvet Sky got her revenge on Angelina, again, on this past Impact. The Dollhouse is in action tonight but in a handicap match that feels like something we’d see on Impact. Also Kurt Angle will not be defending the TNA Championship tonight against ECIII. That match is being saved for next week’s Impact. The same goes for the best of five series finals. In its place on the PPV is Austin Aries Vs. Davey Richards. That isn’t a bad match necessarily, but in terms of the story, how can you expect the audience to fork over 35 dollars for the PPV when the climax of the story is happening on TV next week? It makes me wonder if TNA even want people to purchase the PPV. The only match that feels like it was built up to this PPV was Magnus Vs. James Storm.

I am not rigid in my line of thinking. Not every story has to conclude at every PPV and angles can be allowed to grow, develop, and be saved for down the road. Part of my problem with the Owens vs. Cena feud is that they rushed through all of it too quickly, when they probably could have had the story and the trilogy go on for about a year and a half. What TNA is doing isn’t saving stuff for later to make the stories mean something down the road. They are just doing everything on Impact and showing so little interest in making the PPV works that it makes me question why they even bother doing them anymore.

There is another problem too. TNA has already started taping shows for post Slammiversary events. This show is so unimportant that they can continue taping shows before the event has happened and it probably won’t change the stories that much.

Probably the main attraction of the show is the King of the Mountain Match featuring the return of Jeff Jarrett as he battles four completely random superstars (Matt Hardy, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, and Drew Galloway, in case you’re wondering) for a completely new championship: The King of the Mountain title. This match and situation is so random, I am not entirely sure what to make of it. I can tell you right now that Jarrett is going to win. That much is obvious.

What is also obvious is that very few people will care about this show because TNA hasn’t given the wrestling audience any reason to care.

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  1. SteveH says:

    I can’t help but feel that this is the true end of TNA. I don’t say that with malice but how else can you put it? Talents are leaving, they’ve seemingly lost another TV deal and companies like ROH, NJPW and Lucha Underground have passed them in the US. It’s sad but what else is there to say?

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