Vince Russo Wants To Work For Free!


Vince Russo is the most magnanimous individual in the history of pro wrestling!!! I’m sure that’s the kind of press he wanted to get from this announcement. Ole’ Vinny Ru is back in the news again after his latest blog post at ChairShotReality to tell you how he wanted to perform Kal-El feats of community service.

Feeling the TNA situation, I felt driven to do something about it, rather than to just sit behind my computer and let it die a slow death. So I wrote an e-mail to Dixie, John and Billy Corgan and I offered my services to them—FREE OF CHARGE—in an effort to help them from now until September. I told them that if they weren’t interested that there was no need to reply to my e-mail, that I would know in my heart-of-hearts that I did all I possibly could do on my part to help the situation. The only one who responded to my e-mail was Billy—who I understood wasn’t in a position to do anything.

I can only pray that Billy Corgan was sympathetic to Vince’s situation and responded by telling him that despite all his rage, he was merely a rat in a cage…a cage known as TNA.

Please Vince Russo, never stop. You continually give sites like this a gold mine of material. Whether it’s telling us that the world laughing at you on USA Today gave WCW good press or that Sami Zayn was not a star despite 20,000 people chanting his name in a match with WWE’s top star, you are the gift that keeps on giving.

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5 Responses to Vince Russo Wants To Work For Free!

  1. Mike says:

    This guy.

  2. Shiner says:

    Vince Russo is the mold on the professional wrestling industry.

  3. Erik Clancy says:

    Mold serves an environmental purpose.

  4. Krieg says:

    What are Vince Russo’s amazing ideas that he thinks will save all these companies?

  5. Janus says:

    Let this company die

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