The Real Reason Why John Cena Beat Kevin Owens


Remember how happy we were when Kevin Owens beat John Cena clean as a sheet in the middle of the ring at Elimination Chamber? Remember how it was negated immediately by Cena laying out some bullshit promo about how Owens wasn’t a man because he was arrogant or something? Remember how WWE did the thing they always do and had John Cena get his win back the next month? I do, unfortunately.

The 50/50 booking wasn’t a new development for WWE but it was as frustrating as ever. The reason for Cena’s win? Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio and Figure Four Weekly said it had to do with Cena’s lower than normal merchandise numbers. That’s right, merchandise numbers. I want everyone to listen to this and understand how absolutely full of shit the WWE is about John Cena. When he wins for 10 years straight we’re consistently told that it’s because he sells the most merchandise and we should shut the fuck up about it. However when his merchandise figures drop he wins again to bring up those same numbers. Huh? I’ve said for years that the reason Cena has outsold everyone else in merch is because he’s been promoted as the number one dude for a decade. If you gave the kind of support to another star that you gave to Cena you’d see similar numbers. It’s been proven time and time again; Jeff Hardy was able to outsell Cena in 2009 despite being on the “B” show, CM Punk outsold John in 2011 until the Ent started artificially inflating Cena’s numbers and Daniel Bryan was on his way to doing it before it was discovered that his body is made out of paper mache.

Let this be a lesson to you every time you think the WWE is unbiased in it’s view of someone. If things weren’t bad enough that we were justifying a creative product by merchandise sales, you can now see what a BS reason that was all along.

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