Rumor: Top Selections to Win Money in the Bank.


According to Cageside Seats at, the top selections to win this year’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match are Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose.

Roman should come as a shock to no one given the heavy push he’s been given this year. I don’t think any fan truly felt that his loss at Wrestlemania would be the end of his main event push and that the WWE having a plan to get him back into the main event picture was imminent.

Dean Ambrose is a little bit more of a surprise. It wasn’t until recently that Ambrose started to get major focus on the show. Following his series of matches with Bray Wyatt (in which he came out on the losing end) Dean went on to be an interchangeable midcarder heading into Wrestlemania 31 as he found himself sharing a Ladder match with six other wrestlers.

What intrigues me is the potential set up here. The short lived Shield reunion during the main event of Payback got a huge reaction from the fans. Coming out of the PPV, we still have Seth Rollins as champion with the other two former Shield members as top contenders to his title.

If the rumors are true and Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose wins the Money in the Bank, that would then (assuming they don’t use the briefcase right away) open up the other man to win the Royal Rumble in early 2016. Hypothetically, assume that Roman will win the Money in the Bank, Dean Ambrose wins the Royal Rumble and Seth Rollins remains WWE Champion for Wrestlemania 32. That could potentially be a great set up for a Shield Triple Threat Main Event for the WWE Title on WWE’s grandest stage.

This is all speculation at this point, but if WWE went that route and managed to pull it off, I would definitely be interested in seeing it.

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