Original Summerslam 2014 Plans: John Cena & Justin Bieber Dream Team?

Kevin Eck, a former WWE Writer, recently posted on his blog that there were initially plans to have Justin Bieber take part in  the main event of Summerslam.

According to Eck, the plan was to have John Cena, The BIg Show, and Justin Bieber team up against The Wyatt Family in a six man tag that would have seen Cena, Bieber, and Big Show go over.  Yes, you read that right.  Justin Bieber was going to be on the winning team in a match against The Wyatt Family.

Celebrity involvement is not uncommon in professional wrestling, and can work quite well if its done right, so I am not surprised to see that an idea like this would be pitched. Would it have worked? It probably would have generated some attention, but also come off horribly in execution. If I was going to write Justin Bieber into a wrestling show, there is no version of that script where he isn’t the heel.  I would have never put him on the babyface team and I definitely wouldn’t not arrange it so that Bray Wyatt’s team is taking a loss to Justin Bieber’s team.

Eck doesn’t offer an explanation for why the match didn’t happen. I am willing to speculate that Daniel Bryan’s injury forced WWE to change the title match from Lesnar Vs. Bryan to Lesnar Vs. Cena and stopped them from trying to go after Bieber, but who knows?

Kevin Eck’s Blog Detailing the Cena/Bieber creative plans can be found at his blog at the following link:

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