Lucha Underground Is Going To Win An Emmy! (I Can Dream)


The Wednesday Night Wars continue! The hottest wrestling night for people who like characters that are smart, interesting and engaging is Hump Day. So if you’re a fan of NXT or Lucha Underground, you’ve got a decision to make on that night. If you make the LU decision every week then you have some┬ábragging rights after the Emmy eligibility list was revealed. Lucha Underground is eligible to be nominated in the Outstanding Structured Reality Program category. It’s competition is awesome stuff like Sex Box and Wake Up Call. I don’t understand how the voters can’t nominate LU even though one of the shows it’s competing against has guests have sex in a box on the stage.

Here’s hoping our humble wrestling show about a boss that might be the devil, an young man from Boyle Heights with the blood of an Aztec god and John Morrison is treated as well as Bar Rescue and Impractical Jokers.

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2 Responses to Lucha Underground Is Going To Win An Emmy! (I Can Dream)

  1. Mike says:

    Pipe dream.

  2. Kenny says:

    Just finished watching this week’s episode and how awesome it was. I really want them to win just to spite WWE and their awful writing and sports entertainment crap. I’m pretty sure it’ll kill Vince and Kevin Dunn if Lucha Underground gets a nomination or the actual award. One can only hope…

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