Hulk Hogan Will Be In More Terrible TV Shows



Do you hate Hulk Hogan? I do! Do you think reality TV is garbage? Me too! With those things in mind, this post can help you kill two birds with one stone.

The Daily Mirror is reporting that Hulk Hogan is almost a lock to appear on Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother (although they also mention that Hogan is 6’7 so they could just be full of s***). In regards to why the show would want a man who helped push Impact’s ratings to all time lows on Spike, Janice Dickinson provided the answer.

Model Janice Dickinson has been signed for a reported £300k, and a source said: “Hulk is a big name. He’s known for being opinionated.”

Opinionated? On what? Whether the kid his son turned into a vegetable was a “negative person”? Hogan’s not so much opinionated as he just constantly talks about himself. How many times will Big Brother’s producers have to edit that same goddamn quote about killing Andre the Giant out of the show?

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