Hulk Hogan Has Opinions On Obama! The Timing Works Perfectly!


Hey! Have you heard Hulk Hogan’s name mentioned at all this week? You haven’t? Oh…oh I’ve got some bad news for you. So Hogan, who initially handled the scandal about as well as you could, has started digging himself an Andre the Giant’s grave sized hole.



That’s Hogan re-tweeting stuff he probably shouldn’t re-tweet. I’m no PR mastermind but this seems like a bad idea. I’d also like to point out that the context in which Obama used it was basicaly ‘you shouldn’t call someone a n*gger” and Hogan’s was “f*cking n*gger”. So…there’s that difference. The anti-Hogan part of me is just so interested in seeing how far Hogan is going to go with this. He has a terrible history of lying and just plain being wrong about shit. Now, with the media spotlight shining directly on him, we’re going to see him get challenged numerous times and there won’t be any lame segues into how he bodyslammed 2 ton Andre the Giant in front of 7 million people to bail him out.

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