“Hulk Hogan Can’t Be Racist, He’s Has Black Friends” says clueless daughter


So Brooke Hogan is at it again. After her…er “touching” poem she’s gone to defending her father again. What she says is the kind of stuff people say in comedy bits.

Entertainment Weekly has an interview¬†up with Hogan’s daughter and she has some awesome reasoning of why Hulk Hogan loves black people! He’s got black friends!

My dad’s best friends with Mr. T, he’s best friends with Dennis Rodman, he’s not racist.

So there you go, the Hulkster knows some black people and thusly is exempt from criticism. Brooke also mentioned that people should relax because she’s been told that “white people smell like bologna” and she just laughed it off. Uhhhhhh what? Who the fuck says that? I’m not event talking about Brooke anymore, she’s an idiot, but what weirdo said white people smell like bologna? WHAT ARE THE HOGAN’S CIRCLE OF FRIENDS LIKE???

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