Hernandez At The Center of TNA / Lucha Underground Legal Dispute


PWInsider has reported that Shawn Hernandez is already done with TNA Wrestling. Hernandez recently made his return to TNA as the newest member of the Beat Down Clan, obviously intended to fill gaps left by the recent departures of Samoa Joe and Low Ki.  The reason for the sudden departure is due to his contractual obligations to Lucha Underground.

Hernandez signed with TNA after telling them he was free to do so.   Lucha Underground reached out to TNA after Hernandez had participated in the TNA tapings.  LU informed TNA that he was still contractually obligated to them and threatened legal action if Hernandez continued to appear on their show. TNA reportedly tried to make Lucha Underground an offer to allow them to use the footage, but no agreement could be made.

Impact Wrestling scenes and matches involving Hernandez are going to be pulled from Impact Wrestling broadcasts. It is unknown how TNA is going to fill the void left by having to remove the footage.

Obviously there were major misunderstandings by all parties involved. Why wouldn’t Lucha Underground make Hernandez’s contractual status clear to him? Why would Hernandez tell TNA he’s free if he’s unsure, and why wouldn’t TNA double check the matter and contact LU beforehand to make sure he’s free to work for them?

Either way, the real casualty is the BDC storyline. The loss of that faction is heartbreaking to someone out there, right?

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