Executive Producer Provides Update on Season 2 of Lucha Underground


Those of us who watched Lucha Underground’s season finale “Ultima Lucha Part 2” were left with a wide variety of emotions.  We felt excitement over having seen one truly remarkable wrestling show.  We felt stunned by some of the revelations.  We were also left wondering if there would be a season 2 to follow up the many cliffhangers left once the event was over.

For 39 episodes and 40 hours of television, Lucha Underground on El Rey Network provided some of the most exciting and unique wrestling drama that any fan could possibly ask for.  However, the fate of the show has been left in question and fans have been speculating on whether or not the show would continue.

Fortunately, we have an update from one of the show’s executive producers, Eric Van Wagenen.  He took to SquaredCircle on reedit for a Q&A and provided this information for Season 2.

“Hope this helps…I have this one already typed… this is obviously why they asked me to be here, so I’ll answer it very honestly and then you all can go back to work. Let’s break it down into parts – “If” and “when” and “where”. There is very little doubt in my mind about the “if”. I’d say its a 99.9% chance that a second season is happening. LU is a partnership, and each of the partners are committed to making season 2 happen. The “To be continued…” at the end of UltimaLucha was not just us trolling you, it was more of a promise.

The issues about money and production costs are indeed real, although vastly overstated. We didn’t spend $20 Million – not even close. El Rey is the one of the best networks I’ve ever worked with, but what they have to spend doesn’t quite cover the costs of a show like Lucha Underground. So our choices are to either 1. Raise the money from another source, or 2. Make the show cheaper.

We are currently looking for a second broadcasting partner – either a streaming service, or even an additional broadcast network. We are also aggressively going after foreign sales, sponsorships, and integration partners. Those deals take time to secure, and that is why there has been a delay in announcing an official pick-up. The “when” of this is what’s up in the air. Of course we’d like to be back on the air in October, but realistically that date is likely to push. I’d put January of 2016 as the latest date of our return.

The “where” is also being debated and is part of option 2. LA is expensive. As much as we all want to stay in Boyle Heights, we may need to investigate a different location for season 2. There are other locations with tax incentives or where resources are cheaper. Of course story-wise we can make anything work. We all saw Dario leave the temple and where he ends up is anyone’s guess.

TL;DR Yes, but not sure when or where.”


Basically, these comments suggest that Season 2 is in the works and it is a matter of handling finances and finding avenues to broadcast the show.  That’s more information than we’ve had in recent months, but hopefully something more concrete comes out in the coming weeks.

Until then, lets keep our fingers crossed for season 2 of Lucha Underground.

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