It is extremely easy to be critical of TNA, and it has been for a long time.  I could detail the long string of missteps and mistakes that have plagued the company in recent years, but to do so would be monotony at this point.

We all know how bad TNA has gotten and that the brand never lived up to the potential it once had. As it stands now, the weekly TNA show on Destination America is a show that is lacking in energy or passion with lame rehashed storylines. The show largely relies on stale WWE castoffs like Mr. Anderson, MVP, and the Hardys and TNA mainstays like Bobby Roode, James Storm, & Austin Aries, who practically kill themselves to deliver the best product possible.

The stage they are currently on and situation the company is currently in makes it difficult to generate any excitement, and when all the stories are just rehashes anyway, they can’t seem to be able to do much that is fresh.

However, the best aspect of TNA’s show right now is one talent on their roster, and his name is Ethan Carter III.

Formerly Derrick Bateman of WWE’s NXT, Ethan Carter III debuted at TNA’s Bound for Glory 2013 event and has done nothing but shine and improve since then. The way he carries himself in promos, the way he responds to the negative fan reactions, and even the way he has grown as a worker has made him the best all-around heel on the show. HIs cockiness and mean spirited nature shines through perfectly and the fact that he is currently undefeated has only helped to enhance his role on the show.

It would have been easy to lump him in with the WWE castoffs, but the way he has reinvented himself and become such a great character for the show is truly commendable. It also helps that the character is supposed to be the nephew of TNA President Dixie Carter, which gave him a stage to shine on, and he’s made it work so well that he doesn’t even need to be attached to Dixie to make it work.

The true greatness of ECIII shined through in his Hair Vs. Hair Match with Rockstar Spud on the March 13th, 2015 episode of Impact Wrestling. The dynamic and chemistry the two characters shared ended up making it the best match TNA has put on all year, and an indicator of how great a heel ECIII can be. I can’t imagine anybody walking away from that match and not completely hating the character of ECIII (for all the right reasons).

I am not saying Ethan Carter III is the thing that could save TNA. It might be beyond saving at this point, but if you are looking for good things to enjoy about the product, then ECIII is definitely their diamond in the rough.

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