Do You Love Sheamus? Well Too Bad And He’s Probably Going To Be WWE Champion


Remember when Sheamus came back, turned heel and has been red hot ever since? You don’t. Well, he’s going to be the WWE Champion anyway, reports Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer. This is great news for everyone who enjoys lifeless characters that garner little to no crowd response. For the rest of us, well….what’s the typing equivalent of pulling your collar with your index finger and making that noise Homer Simpson makes?

You read that correctly. Sheamus, despite somehow being colder as a heel than he was as a babyface, is probably going to be the champion later in the year. I feel like Sheamus’s new gimmick should be Bizarro Cesaro. The more successful Cesaro becomes and the more fun he is to watch will be inversely reflected in Sheamus. It’ll be this awful Nega-Duck situation and everyone will be sad.

Oh well, when’s the next NXT special?

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3 Responses to Do You Love Sheamus? Well Too Bad And He’s Probably Going To Be WWE Champion

  1. Kenny says:

    I notice what separates WWE and nXt is the connection with the performers. nXt throws out those awesome documentary style promos to build on character’s background; whereas in the main roster, there’s a big disconnect. I was not the biggest Finn Balor fan until that documentary popped up and not only did it made me appreciate Finn more, but it also made me fall in love with Becky Lynch too. nXt has done these documentary promos with most of their performers and they are great.

    I don’t get why the main roster can’t do that. Even with that 3 hour show, you can pop a 10 minute documentary style promo and build up on character. They have all these webisode stuff and web exclusive promos and it’s ridiculous… Cause many people are not gonna go on youtube and check these things out. There are amazing promos on those web exclusive stuff that it’s a crime to not show it on the main roster. I was very impressed with Kevin Owen’s promo with Michael Cole last Wednesday and it’s most likely going to be unseen…

    WWE can start doing this for Sheamus and build on some character. I’m willing to give Sheamus’ new heel run a chance, but at the moment; there’s nothing to invest in his character. On the flip side, this can be an opportunity to build up Seth Rollins’ face character and have him chase Sheamus. WWE has such a deep roster that it’s criminal that they are not utilized fully. It’s mostly Cesaro that I’m disappointed that he is not pushed to the moon. He’s good at everything, yet not utilized.

    Sorry for the long post…

  2. Mike says:

    I always thought Sheamus would make for a better heel but it just hasn’t clicked yet. I honestly don’t know why but it’s just boring.

  3. Erik Clancy says:

    @Kenny, I agree with you. I don’t know if straight up documentaries would make the main brand all that much better but I think the nuanced storytelling NXT would serve people like Sheamus really well. WWE just moves too damn fast, I’d build Sheamus up with squashes (I know, that’s my thing) and have some agents really help him work on his promos (which are awful right now). I like the idea of the character and I generally enjoy his ring work so on paper, there’s no reason he can’t be a true star but WWE hasn’t taken the proper steps to actually make it happen.

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