Brock Lesnar Vs. Kevin Owens: How Cool Would That Be?

Brock Lesnar, right now, is the most credible monster in wrestling today. This is the man that ended The Undertaker’s streak and suplexed John Cena into oblivion. He is believably unstoppable, which is especially impressive when you consider how poorly booked most monsters are these days (Kane, Big Show, Mark Henry, etc.). Lesnar is like a force of nature that destroys everything in his path. Another contributing factor to Lesnar’s intrigue is his part time schedule which makes his matches and appearances feel like huge events.

On the other side of the equation is the NXT Champion Kevin Owens. Ever since he debuted in December and tore through all of his opponents, Kevin Owens has been labeled as being the Brock Lesnar of NXT. I wouldn’t say Owens is as dominant as Lesnar since he definitely doesn’t have the same size advantage and unspeakable power. However, he makes up for that with his attitude and uncaring nature. The way he has smack talked John Cena and brutalized Sami Zayn contribute to making Owens a mean spirited bully and a great villain to follow week to week. It is also refreshing to have a villain that isn’t simply a puppet for the McMahons. If anything, he is in opposition to them as well since his actions towards an invited celebrity guest would hurt the business as a whole, right? The McMahons want to have celebrity guests to generate business and build business relationships and here comes Kevin Owens to powerbomb them off the stages and send them to the hospital. That isn’t best for business at all. I am actually interested in seeing if they build off of this next week because it wouldn’t make any sense for HHH & Stephanie to be fine with this.

With Owens doing so well and Lesnar back in the fold, it only makes me want to see a showdown between the two. I can already picture Owens trying to smack talk and bully Lesnar the way he has done everyone else. Last night’s Raw definitely highlighted the potential of this match. Between Owens powerbombing the musical guest off the stage, and the announcement of Lesnar being the number one contender being interpreted as a death sentence for Rollins, I’d say the WWE has two believable and interesting brutish forces on their hands.

Since WWE has already blown through Cena Vs. Owens with that feud almost certain to conclude before the summer is over, and Lesnar likely to be done with Seth Rollins at around the same time, both Owens and Lesnar will need opponents for Wrestlemania 32. I think an obvious Wrestlemania encounter is staring them right in the face.

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One Response to Brock Lesnar Vs. Kevin Owens: How Cool Would That Be?

  1. Kenny says:

    As great as that sounds, I had a different scenario in mind. I think Sami Zayn returns around October, build him up and come around Royal Rumble; have him become a surprise entrant and eliminate Owens in the Rumble match and continue their feud in Mania. There’s a good amount of content to work with in the build up to Mania for those 2.

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