Bill DeMott Is A Dick


A few months ago Bill DeMott, the head trainer at NXT, was released after allegations of physical and mental abuse surfaced from a variety of sources. DeMott was reportedly given a hefty severance package from WWE and admitted no wrongdoing during his exit but as the old saying goes, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Recently DeMott surfaced on Vince Russo’s podcast to talk about the allegations and what he thinks of the current generation of performers.

“I always use the term it’s never the quarterback, it’s the coach. We talk about football and a guy will stink the joint out, so it wasn’t Tony Romo, it was the other guy and he was gone. Millennials, I think right that’s what this generation is called the millennials. I think it’s in the whole world. So what I can say and what I will say is as a dad as you are, as I am, I try to figure that out to keep my children away from that entitlement. I guess it’s old school that you get what you earn and you try to earn what you want. I think that’s all I am going to say about that because I think no matter what the case, Walmart, Publix, IBM, I always use IBM I don’t know why, I go to a lot of management seminars and that’s a lot of the conversation, the opening conversation: ‘What do we do when they don’t like that?’ And I want to walk out because I’m not going to learn anything if I’m still trying to figure out [that]. It’s tough, it’s going to be tough for whoever has to figure out what they want tomorrow. And that’s a challenge I think.”

So there you go.

For all his talk about entitlement, look no further for a man who refuses to take responsibility for his own actions than Bill DeMott. The Millennial argument is an easy one, so instead of addressing the multitude of accusations about racial, sexist or physical abuse he just says that everyone is entitled. Entitled to what? To a work environment where one can’t be called a fag? Entitled to a training session where the trainer won’t assault you while you’re injured? Those sure are some lofty expectations these asshole Millennials have, the nerve of them.

This is part of the bi-polar identity crisis that the wrestling industry, particularly WWE, grapples with. They want to be seen as PC as possible and look dignified as a publically traded company yet the second there’s a scandal or conduct unbecoming of such a company the apologists come out en masse. They’ll shout how this is how the wrestling business has always been, “It’s not ballet!” they’ll cry. They say how these steps are necessary to weed out those who aren’t serious and to make sure the cream really does rise to the top. The truth of the matter is this, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t reap the rewards of being a global brand and then call a recruit a terrorist. It doesn’t work like that.

CM Punk talked about this in Colt Cabana’s podcast. He mentioned how the company wants performers to be in character 24/7 but the second they step over the line on Twitter, they’re punished. Punk was wrong about one thing, he said the WWE doesn’t know what they want to be. The Ent does know what they want, but what they want is impossible. Wanting to be this Wild West maverick company while still having shareholders and community outreach programs is impossible. WWE needs to pick what side of the fence they’d like to be on instead of straddling it with their balls hanging out.

PS: I have no f***ing clue what DeMott is talking about with IBM.

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