So It Looks Like They Found Spider-Man


Numerous comic book sites are stating that it’s just a matter of time before Disney and Marvel Studios announce the newest actor to play Peter Park, Asa Butterfield. This would be the second time they’ve restarted the series and the third time they’re doing one but the biggest difference, in most people’s eyes, is that Marvel is doing it (with a little help from Sony). Butterfield, of Hugo and Ender’s Game fame, is about 18 years old so it looks like Marvel is doing what Sony never did; plan for the future. Garfield was a month away from turning 29 when Amazing was released, so they idea that Sony thought they could get more than two movies out of 30 year old high school student Garfield is astounding.

A word of caution however, most of this is coming from the notoriously wrong Latino Review who in the past have incorrectly stated things like a Black Panther movie in 2015, a Hulk movie in 2015 and numerous others. So beware of Dandelo, I mean El Mayimbe.

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