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Weekday Warriors of Wrestling: We’re Back!

After some time off, Erik and Patrick get caught up on the wacky world of wrestling!

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Top Ten Lamest Deaths in The Walking Dead


SPOILERS! Proceed with caution!!!

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WWE’s “Groundhog Day” Booking Is Killing the Product


Its Cold, Grey, and Will Last The Rest Of Your Life

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Ten Halloween Appropriate Film Recommendations


You Can Never Watch Too Many Horror Movies To Watch This Time Of Year.

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Huge Update On The Future Of Lucha Underground


It Appears Our Prayers Have Been Answered!

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Executive Producer Provides Update on Season 2 of Lucha Underground


Will It Happen?

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Ranking All The Pixar Films (Worst To Best)


You All Know Which One Is The Worst, Right?

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Game Of Thrones Deviating From The Books Is A Good Thing


This is a spoiler free article.  I promise!

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